McLaren Leisure are proud to support Callander Climate Fringe Week 2021!

With the COP26 meeting coming to Glasgow this year, there is more focus than ever on our changing climate and climate activism. The COP26 meeting is incredibly important for reducing global emissions of greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide) which need to be curbed to limit the impact of our changing climate. COP stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’ and it is the 26th meeting where governments from across the world negotiate and agree on actions they are going to take to address climate change.

But it’s not just global leaders who need to do their bit. Every one of us has a part to play – and so Callander’s Climate Fringe Week is an opportunity for us all to celebrate the ways in which we can reduce our own emissions of greenhouse gasses and protect our climate.

Visit InCallander to find out about all the great events lined up for Callander Climate Fringe Week or to book your space!