McLaren Leisure offers a variety of fitness classes to suit all needs and abilities. Whether you are looking to tone up, build stamina or just have fun, there’s a class for you. All of our fitness classes are led by one of our fully trained coaches. Most of our fitness classes can be adjusted to suit your personal needs and goals so that you get the most out of your class.  Our Cycle Fit classes have limited spaces; to avoid disappointment, please book ahead by contacting us.

All classes HALF PRICE with your direct debit fitness membership!

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Active Life

Active Life is a low impact class ideal for those who are looking to stay active. The class starts with a structured warm up of the whole body followed by a low impact cardiovascular section, then the class progresses on to a circuit which can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Join our active life regulars for a great workout!

Cycle FIT

Cycle Fit is an intense hour long indoor cycling class designed to get your heart pumping like never before. The class uses specialized stationary bikes and a combination of interval and resistance training to help burn calories and improve cardiovascular endurance

Spaces are limited, booking is advised. 01877 330 000


Tone up and shape up the arms and legs whilst also giving you a good, full body, aerobic workout.

A combination of aerobics and conditioning routines to a fun, vibrant soundtrack. Dip your toe and take it slow or jump right in. Aquafit is suitable for all ages & fitness levels

Did you know that exercising in the water actively reduces the amount of impact on your joints?

Make a splash with Aqua Aerobics, you can take it at your own pace which is why this class appeals to all ages and fitness levels.

Enjoy the benefits of a water workout and join us in the pool!


Hatha Yoga

Breathing , Posture, Meditation, Relaxation. Time to unwind, time for yourself. For the mind, body & spirit.

Please arrive 15 mins early for initial class.


If  you’re looking for a total body workout that will challenge your fitness and burn fat, this is the class for you. Timed periods that involve a combination of bodyweight and free weight exercises that will help boost your strength and endurance. This is a high intensity class that will be sure to get your heart rate up and help to improve your fitness.


Aqua Therapy

A fun and effective class focused on exercises that improve posture and help increase mobility. Aqua Therapy takes place in the pool, which helps reduce the demand on the heart and body.



Strengthen and tone your whole body! You will swing, lunge and squat your way to a more toned body whilst improving your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance in our Kettlebells class.